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PRO BRO Express is preparing to open ​10 tunnel car washes for Riga

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Pro Bro Group, which owns the PRO BRO Express car wash network, plans to open 10 service points in the Latvian capital within three years.
The first gate should be opened at the end of 2022 on Juglas Street, where 4 million euros is invested. The car wash in Riga will service up to 220 cars per hour. These constructions have been agreed upon with the commercial real estate development company VPH.

“We are building the first car wash on a high traffic street, next to IKEA. The fact that the place is suitable for a streamlined business is also shown by the rapidly developing shops and fast-food restaurants in the neighborhood, ” said Evaldas Kinder, shareholder, and CEO of Pro Bro Group.

In total, the company plans to open 10 car washes in Riga in three years. From the smaller Mini model to the highest capacity Maxi, the variable tunnel washers are planned to be built in three phases: the first four in 2022. at the end of the year, as well as in the second and two more in 2024. at the beginning.

” We have carefully planned this step. Further development in Europe also depends on our success and results in Latvia, we see this as an opportunity to test our potential in the foreign markets, ”says E. Kinderis.

The facilities to be opened in Latvia will be managed by “SIA Smart City Car Washes”, a subsidiary of Pro Bro Group established in the Latvian market, and will become the main franchise manager (master franchise) of all car washes operating in Riga.

In a few upcoming years, the company plans to establish tunnel car washes in Estonia, and then expand into the Scandinavian market.


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